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A'zad Nabo and Naguib Nassib are two third generation pastry chefs working at Salloura, an Aleppo pastry shop now in Istanbul.

The Flavors of Damascus and Aleppo, in the Heart of Istanbul

Istanbul has absorbed some 450,000 Syrian refugees out of more than three million in the country. On a recent visit, I looked at how two Syrian restaurants now operating in Istanbul are keeping the food culture of Aleppo and Damascus alive in exile. A Taste of Souk Saruja You could almost…[…]
Syrian style eggplants for sale in the market of Ramtha, Jordan

Syrian style eggplants for sale in the market of Ramtha, Jordan - by Stephanie Saldaña

The Seeds of Makdous

Of the many stories of heritage I’ve heard in the past months, the one that has stayed with me the most is about seeds. When I traveled to Ramtha on the northern Jordanian border this November, I heard from locals that Syrian refugees had been arriving from nearby Daraa across the…[…]

Mulberry trees are famous in the Damascus countryside. Qaboun has two varieties: toot baladi and toot shami.

A Voice from Qaboun

“Our homes don’t just contain our life earnings, they contain our memories and dreams; they stand for what we are. To destroy one’s home should be taken as an equal crime to destroying one’s soul.” Marwa al-Sabouni, The Battle for Home, Memoirs of a Syrian Architect. Recently, film footage emerged from…[…]

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