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Ferhad Feyssal (left) and Hozan Peyal (right) at their home studio in Istanbul.

Syrian Kurdish Musicians Ferhad Feyssal and Hozan Peyal are Preserving Joy

As more than half of the Syrian population remains displaced, it is natural to think of their traditional music as heritage that needs to be saved before it disappears. But for Ferhad Feyssal and Hozan Peyal, two extraordinary Kurdish musicians who fled from al-Hasakah and currently live in Istanbul, joy…[…]

Hail Mary in Syriac

Rana Nasser, from Qaraqosh, recites the Hail Mary in a dialect of Aramaic. “We don’t know the future, but we hope that it will be better for our children. We don’t want them to see the same things that we saw.” Rana, her husband, and her child hope to be resettled in…[…]

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