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Omar Berakdar is a Syrian photographer and initiator of Arthere

THIS IS NOT A GALLERY: Arthere Gives Voice to Syrian Artists in Istanbul

As the civil war in Syrian dragged on and continued to devastate the country’s cultural landscape, and European institutions fretted about how to save the country’s archaeological treasures such as Palmyra and the Crusader castle Krak des Chevaliers, some Syrians were preoccupied with an altogether different dilemma: how to save…[…]

Khaled Bako at his shop, Cham Music, in Paris

Khaled Bako, owner of Cham Music in Paris:

Originally a guitar player from Aleppo, Syria, Bako has been instrumental in introducing the oud—particularly the Syrian oud– to European musicians. Today, European musicians are becoming increasingly aware that their guitar music has its roots in the Arab world, and that discovering Arabic music is discovering part of their own…[…]

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